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Who We Are…

Keith and Shannon French

Keith and Shannon French have been investing in real estate full time since mid-2005. Shannon is a Ron Legrand Master who started her business in Columbia, SC, with most of her deals in the “Pretty House” side of the business and a couple rehabs and short sales under her belt. Keith is a graduate from Robert Allen’s Enlightened Wealth Institute program and also has extensive training with Ron Legrand. His deals were primarily in the “Ugly House” side of the business consisting of wholesaling junkers, rehabs and short sales in Baltimore, Maryland. Both specialize in creative strategies on both the buying and selling side.

Keith and Shannon met at a Ben Pargman Seminar in October 2006 where Keith was flown in to speak on his successes. It didn’t take long for them to discover that they were a match made in heaven! During their courtship they discovered some amazing life parallels the two shared:

  • Both worked corporate jobs in “Big Oil” (and even with the same company at separate points in time).
  • Not only were they burnt out in their professional lives, but their marriages were also dissolving.
  • They started attending real estate seminars and unbeknownst to them were at the SAME seminar in San Diego in 2006!
  • They quit their fulltime jobs in Corporate America within 13 days of the other and got divorced around the same time, too.
  • Both took time not only throwing themselves in the real estate business, but also invested considerable time soul-searching and rediscovering themselves individually.

In January of 2007, Shannon relocated her business to join Keith in Baltimore. They work together in their home office with their four rescued kitties…don’t you just love what tenants leave behind for you (Keith and Shannon do!)!

And what an amazing team with over 300 deals completed! Keith’s energies are focused on the Buying side where his strengths constantly shine through with incredible negotiations and Shannon enjoys her focus on the Selling/Marketing and Administrative side of the business. With their combined talents and experience as Real Estate Transaction Engineers they truly provide the full spectrum of creative solutions for sellers and buyers.

Even in the midst of all the media-driven “crises” in our industry, Keith and Shannon are completely STOKED as they beat back the recession with a triumphant stick. Their passion shines through personally and professionally as they share their successful strategies with you to implement for a prosperous business.

Nate Gustavson and Zach Fuller

Nate Gustavson and Zach Fuller met in 2003 while attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. They were both running franchises of an exterior painting company in the suburbs of Denver. Being like minded entrepreneurs, they knew at some point in the future they would build a business together.

In 2004 Zach joined the US Army and left for the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School. Two years later he graduated as a Green Beret, went to a Special Forces team, and completed two combat deployments in Afghanistan. As he was nearing the end of his 5-year enlistment, Zach found his new passion… Real estate investment!

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Nate followed his passion for snowboarding traveling across the country managing events for Burton Snowboards. After spending some time traveling, he moved to New York to reach his goal of working on Wall Street. He quickly worked his way up to an Account Executive Sales position at Jim Cramer’s Eventually Nate’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked back in and he decided to go back into business for himself. He returned to his hometown of Pacifica, California and began his real estate endeavors.

About one year later, Nate and Zach reconnected.   As luck would have it, they were both living in North Carolina at the time. Nate was working to build a nationwide network of real estate investors and Zach was finishing up his enlistment in the Army.  Nate and Zach joined forces and moved to Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.  While hosting a real estate networking event in the DC Metro area, they met Keith and Shannon French.  A few months later they decided to join forces and was formed. quickly became the premier rent to own company in Maryland. It didn’t take long for other investors to hear about the success and want to know how they could turn their business around in the rough economy. Keith, Shannon, Nate, and Zach decided to give back to the real estate community by showing, in detail, exactly how they built and run their business. As a result, Link Options was born!

On a lighter note…

Zach enjoys spending time with his “incredible smokin’ hot girlfriend,” is an avid cyclist who still crashes regularly,  likes trying to windsurf in 3rd world countries (he’s not that good), shooting at inanimate objects in the desert, camping, hiking, and pretty much any other outdoor debauchery.  He’s a Mac user who refuses to go within 15 feet of a PC.  He put his dream of becoming a matador on hold to focus on real estate investment instead.  It has been said that Zach Fuller doesn’t sleep, he waits.

Nate enjoys Christmas movies and Christmas music all year ’round. His favorite movie at age 27 remains Home Alone, followed closely by Home Alone 2 (Lost in New York). Nate has trouble saying no to a dare, and even more trouble saying no to a “double-dog dare”. He once attempted to eat 10 medium one-topping domino’s pizza’s in 24 hours, and succeeded. He once dunked a tennis-ball on an official 10-foot tall basketball hoop, then screamed “white men CAN jump!” to two young kids who were the only people to witness the feat. He enjoys boxing, running outside while listening to real estate podcasts, and cold beers in cold weather.


Keith and Shannon French

Nate Gustavson

Zach Fuller